5 Christmas Cooking Essentials for an Effortless Festive Meal

5 Christmas Cooking Essentials for an Effortless Festive Meal


Christmas dinner is often rememebered differently depending on which side of the kitchen door you spent most of the morning.

To keep those memories as fond as the guests around your table here's our pick of cookware essentials you'll need for an effortless Christmas dinner.

All these 'cookware for Christmas items' can be found in our Kitchen Square cook shop via the links provided.



       1. A Turkey Roasting Classic - SAVEUR Selects Enamelled Oval Roaster



Our 5.6L/6qt SAVEUR Selects Voyage Series Enamelled cast iron oval roaster perfectly fits a decent-sized whole bird or turkey crown. 

The pan includes an insulating double-walled lid designed to lock in moisture and redistribute flavour. We find with the lid on meat stays juicy and flavoursome self-basting while you cook using built-in condensation rings and drip ridges.

Durable layers of light enamel form a non-porous cooking surface with naturally non-stick properties. One of cast iron’s attractive properties is it retains heat for longer than other kitchenware materials, keeping your centrepiece poultry warm and ready for second servings. 


     2. Christmas prep simplified - toolbar Mixing Bowl and Colander


Before the kitchen knife arrives on the scene, both these incredibly versatile stainless steel bowls are out on the countertop getting loaded up with ingredients to be washed, weighed, prepped, and next... to collect choppings for compost. 

After a quick rinse, keep them out to assist with any extra Christmas dinner tasks. For example, mixing stuffing mixes together or combining gravy juices is something else we like to do in them, but we're sure you’ll find many more uses for this handy nesting set.


     3. The Ideal Roasting Tray - SAVEUR Selects Non-stick Roasting Tray


The food release quality on the SAVEUR Selects Artisan bakeware series continues to amaze us. Roast potatoes, parsnips, and carrots come out perfectly, without the need to scrape the pan. 

Textured non-slip grips at either end of the tray make the pan easy to handle when removing from a hot oven giving enough space for a secure hold even with oven gloves on. This signature touch is also found on the baking trays, and loaf pans.


       4. Sprouts are better Sautéed - On&Off Sauté pan by Métier


 NO MORE boiling your sprouts to within an inch of obliteration the way generations of us Brits have in the past (consider yourself one of the lucky ones if this doesn't apply to you). Instead, do your sprouts some justice this year and sauté them on medium-high heat in a splash of olive oil or knob butter, add a clove or two of garlic and cook until they’ve taken on a bit of colour and are slightly tenderised. 


We achieved this perfectly last year in the On&Off detachable handle sauté pan by Métier. The sloped sides and smooth non-stick coating made tossing sprouts a breeze while achieving a decent browning.


      5. Pro sauce & gravy pan - SAVEUR Selects Tri-ply Chef’s Pan 



Mix up your gravy, bread sauce or homemade cranberry sauce this Christmas and many Christmases to come in the pan perfect for aspiring master chefs (according to an Indy Best Buy Review). This fully clad tri-ply throughout stainless steel chef’s pan really is a dream to cook with. Under its unique insulating double-walled lid heat and moisture are efficiently locked in. A smooth rivet-less interior makes for seamless stirring with no food collecting in parts that are difficult to clean. 

Side note... The pan comfortably holds over a bottle of red, ideal for mulled wine for two when the family has gone home.

For a thirstier crowd, and something with more capacity check out the 3.9L SAVEUR Selects casserole or 7.5L Stockpot


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