Reggae Reggae Bean Taco Recipe (Ve)

Reggae Reggae Bean Taco Recipe (Ve)

Here’s something to put some music into your mid-day lunch or next tex mex party.

Wraps are always a winner, real feel-good food! Whether you fold or roll, bookmark this easy, delicious 'flavour boosted beans hack' for when you need an easy meal in minutes.

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You’ll need:

Your ‘Go To’ non-stick pan


A bowl to mix things up in

.... something to chop, grate and mash.


We've chosen the On&Off Non-stick detachable handle sauté pan for its high-performance non-stick, perfect for keeping the wrap and bean mix loose on the cooking surface. 


The toolbar mixing bowl and colander set is a convenient kitchen tool for straining canned black beans, kidney beans and chickpeas etc from their excess liquid. After which we like to give them a good rinse to remove the aquafaba.

Once drip-dried, the stainless steel bowl provides the perfect container for mashing up the rest of the ingredients with the beans ready to fry. 

 toolbar Mixing bowl and colander with the ingredients for the reggae bean tacos


- 3-4 Tortilla wraps

- 1 Tin of black beans (drained and washed)

- 1 Preferably red onion (grated)

- 2 Cloves of garlic (finely grated or use pasté)

- 2 Glugs of Reggae Reggae Jerk sauce (75ml)

- Seasoning (Salt & Pepper) 

- 3 spring onions or a small bunch of chives

- Cherry tomatoes (Sliced)

- (Optional) Hand full of cheese or vegan alternative 


The Recipe:

1) Into the toolbar set goes a whole tin of black beans to be drained and rinsed in the colander. After this, 2 generous glugs of reggae sauce. Mmmmm.... 


Mixing Bowl and Colander Beans Strain

Grate the onion into the mixing bowl, add your finely grated garlic or substitute for any paste/puree you have in the cupboards, these also work well too. 

Mash it all up until the mix is starting to stick to itself.


Warm up your pan with a little oil; just a small amount of rapeseed or light olive oil is perfect to stop the bean mix from sticking. Once the pan’s hot, blob into the middle a ladle-sized portion of bean mix.

Flatten the bean mix pile with the back of a spoon or spatula, still keeping it all intact. Doing this should spread the portion into what looks a bit like a flattened burger pattie. 

Allow to cook for 2-3 minutes then add your tortilla over the top. If adding cheese sprinkle over the top of the beans. Cheddar or any melty vegan alternative works well.


On&Off Saute Pan by metier Bean taco spatula splat

With the ladle, or very carefully with your hand… press down on top of the wrap to squash the bean mix outwards under the tortilla.

Allow another 2-3 minutes. Then flip it onto a plate. 

Garnish with chopped cherry tomatoes and top with spring onions or chives. 

Toolbar Mixing bowl and colander food prep chopping compost caddy

Enjoy with a drizzle more Reggae, sour cream or dairy-free alternatives make nice additions.

We recommend exploring with guacamole, lettuce leaves and some homemade salsa to create your perfect alternative to a weekday sandwich.

It's up to you whether you leave it open like a taco, wrap it up like a burrito, or fold it in half like a quesadilla. Enjoy it how you want!

You'll find this recipe also works with mini tortilla tacos too. 


Reggae Reggae Sauce Bean taco burrito toolbar mixing bowl and colander background

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Find the:

On&Off Detachable Hande Non-stick Pan Here

Our Multi-purpose toolbar nesting Mixing Bowl and Colander set here. 

Curious about how many more ways you can use the 21cm and 18cm toolbar mixing bowl and colander sets? Read our last blog post. 


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