About Us


At Kitchen Square we know cookware.  For nearly 50 years we have been creating exceptional, award-winning cookware and kitchen tools for over 30 well-known and trusted brands worldwide. 

Kitchen Square is where we bring our expertise and passion direct to you.  It is the place to come for the very best in professional quality cookware, kitchen tools and accessories.  Here you will find everything that you need (and much more that you will want!) to best equip every kind of kitchen.



Our choice of products are manufactured both by ourselves in our own factory and by other carefully selected sources.  Our product designers come from across the world - including the UK, the USA, the Netherlands and Hong Kong.  

We strive to select only those products that feel great to handle and to cook with, that produce the best results and that are excellent value for money.    

All our products have been rigorously tested to ensure that they fulfil international standards.



Kitchen Square is more than just a shopping experience.  It is also a place to meet other cooks and foodies.  It is a place to find and share all sorts of inspiration, recipes, tips and culinary experiences.  It is a community.

We want you to love your cooking experiences and to bring joy to yourself, your family and friends with your results.

Expertise in cookware meets a passion for cooking and community.  We are Kitchen Square!